OK before I start this post is designed to make people think, and hopefully perhaps more importantly discuss the general concepts which I’m trying to portray here. The examples used aren’t the important part (so don’t be getting mad enough to poke your eyes out with a screwdriver) that I’m trying to get folks to focus on. The important part is how these types of posts get discussed. I’m not looking to grossly offend anyone so if you feel this way then I’ve maybe missed my point; but it’s my first ever post so I’ll forgive myself and hopefully you will too.

Marie-Antoinette said “Let them eat cake”. Why? Because she was told they had no bread to eat and she simply lived in a different world and didn’t understand their world. She assumed they would surely have everything they could need, I mean she had it all (and then some) in her world

I’ve watched twitter since I arrived and over the last few weeks have become more active. I’ve spoken to some fine folks, followed quite a few people who I’m enjoying following too.

I see many frustrated  people ranting about anything and everything. I can understand anger at cuts being made and the fear that will accompany this.

Then I look around and I see a trend, and it is a sodding trend and it annoys the crap out of me, damn it almost makes me angry! Anyone who DARES to disagree with the condemnation of the latest idiot post by….. well let’s use as an example.

Instantly condemned as being “written by an idiot” or “out of touch with how people feel” or “only an idiot could accept any of this” and all it shows me is a total lack of understanding or care or concern of other people’s views.

We all profess to understand others. You know in a non discriminatory non oppressive way so others can feel free to express themselves in any way they wish. Until of course that view is alien to us and then they are racist, or homophobic or some other suitable insult because they OBVIOUSLY must be one of these as they don’t think like “normal decent” people.

Let’s look at part(s) of this telegraph article. First and foremost I am no fan of Camilla or indeed “the prince of Wales” (who resides nowhere near Wales).

D is for drowning…. You know the author does slant the story HOWEVER the basis of it is true, someone whose thought process is alien to me decided it was far more important not to offend ethnic groups than to teach these people how to do first aid.

Not that I’m one for offending ethnics or anyone else for that matter UNLESS they are being discriminatory or oppressive. I really truly could give a flying toss if your a different colour/culture/race/gender to me. I don’t care, you are a human being, human beings are all the same right?

I’m disabled, no I’m not one of those “benefit taking scroungers” the Tories seem hell bent on pursuing (I’m being facetious towards the Tories here not disabled people), and just in case some mail readers read this I don’t claim benefits!. I applied for a job with Rhondda Cynon Taff Council. Checked before I applied that I fitted the criteria (yeay they have a positive about disabled logo so they are duly bound to interview me). Did they interview me? No did they as like:P So I called HR, they “passed the buck” to the woman interviewing and it took her 3 days to call me back. When she did she admitted that I fitted the criteria but she couldn’t interview me as she had had to drop me off the list to fit an extra “ethnic” in as their diversity count seemed low in that area. I wasn’t bothered too much who I got dropped for, my point here is that the organisation signed up and openly stated they were positive about disabled people then openly admitted discriminating against me and broke the vow they made when they took the damn logo and displayed it.

If thinking EVERYONE should be treated fairly and equally regardless of race/colour/gender then I would suppose I’m perhaps “weird” as that is what I truly believe.

Moving back to the Telegraph article and the letter X. I watched this guy get condemmed for daring to have a cross in his van (which has been in his van for 15 years) and people laughing (on twitter) at him facing the sack after his company changed policy (only) to bully him into removing it. I mean WTF!! really. I have no particular religion that I follow. I do not agree with homosexuals being shunned by certain Christians BUT I also respect their right to feel how they do about things whilst at the same time trying to show them other points of view to allow them to internalise what I consider to be more appropriate; BUT who am I to decide what’s appropriate? More to the point of this entire piece who are you? to decide what’s right and what’s wrong and then instead of working with others so they can internalise things to bully or deride or insult instead.

What the FUCK is that all about ?

I’m sure you’ve all watched the house of commons and politicians striking it out like schoolchildren with snide comments and much bickering the like of which you find astonishing to behold. To my mind this is along the same lines.

I love dogs, I love helping and assisting dogs when their human owners seem to think they can treat them like humans and cause the poor animal much distress and anguish resulting in aggression or unwanted behaviours. The dog pound is full of animals “disposed of” for similar reasons by lazy idiots who simply don’t understand how to communicate with their animals.

Next time you see something you don’t like, instead of ranting, think about how YOU can change the behaviour your seeing; that you believe to be wrong. Ranting won’t work it will merely get people’s backs up (so why did I write this post designed to do just that?)

So I wrote this post to hopefully get people thinking about HOW they can get people with an alien viewpoint to yourself to discuss AND internalise a viewpoint your proud to give them through common sense persuasion!

Also to hopefully get people brave enough to say what they feel and able to discuss it without being flamed to high heaven and maybe we may get some non political types to engage in politics!

I hope my next post may be less annoying though I suspect it won’t be. That’s just the non conformist in me.



About hwlffordd

I want to change the world, I just have no idea what the perfect world will consist of. Biker, Cyclist, Dog lover, ranter!!
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9 Responses to Marie-Antoinette

  1. blackcat says:

    Good first post made me remember how guilty i can be of been judgemental of people i disagree with. I follow right wingers on twitter to try and keep a open mind but hey none of us are perfect. Hope you keep blogging

  2. cb says:

    Good post 🙂 Much though I love twitter, I don’t really see it as a great tool for arguments and discourse due to the short post limit and the propensity to misunderstandings that exist! I don’t like that Telegraph article though because I think it is purposely confusing a lot of very different issues and painting a very broad brush about ‘political correctness’. I don’t think people should be shamed by the press because they are offended by particular words or phrases and ‘political correctness gone mad’ is a blanket term which often can whitewash genuine oppression!
    Look forward to reading more!

  3. Ellie says:

    There is a problem with trying to understand some beliefs. For example, I’d rather fight the Ugandan politicians tooth and nail, through the Human Rights Courts if necessary, rather than sit talking with them decade after decade as gay people are sentenced to death and those sentences carried out.

    Negotiations are fine, but too often we are called to negotiate, to discuss and to talk, ad finitum with those who would do harm – where is your boundary?

    I have an incredibly sexist, domineering brother. He insists he ‘knows everything’ despite being the least acadmically successful of all the family. Women have won the right to vote, we’ve won the equality battle and what I won’t do is continue to repeat those battles over and over again. Why waste time re-inventing the wheel? And I enforce that boundary – I allow my brother minimal time with me, I deliberately refuse to participate in conversatations that go beyond ‘your kids are getting tall’. My life is too precious and too short to waste on a battle won a century ago. He can accept it or he can sit in his little corner.

    Similarly, where religion is concerned, until there is evidence of a god, my life is too precious to waste entertaining the fairy tales and religion will remain a blatant lie, no better than those who would insist the earth is flat.

    I’m not sure I have all my boundaries out yet, perhaps I never will.

    If you follow decent people on twitter and they say something you don’t like, ask them to explain – you might learn something, or you might teach something. That’s far better than simply dismissing statements made in a tweet.

    Learn to use it as a personal development tool and you will be glad you did.

    • hwlffordd says:

      I’m talking about engaging people in the UK who actually vote our governments into place. Can of course ignore them and keep losing elections and facing crap we don’t want. OR we can try and engage with them.

      I’m personally going to try and engage with them.

    • Mark says:

      Just a point on your take on religion. You do realise that if the existence of God was proven beyond doubt it would negate the whole point of religion: Faith.

      • hwlffordd says:

        Yep and the wars caused by “mt god is the real one” would also need to disappear or said “god” would “smite” the people worshipping the “wrong” god 🙂

  4. Mark says:

    To play devils advocate for a minute. Why should you as a disabled person have a guaranteed interview over an abled bodied person? I agree you should not be discriminated against but a level playing field for all should be there.

    • hwlffordd says:

      There is absolutely no reason and it saddens me that the “rules” make it this way. YES a level playing field would be awesome and something I would seek, so instead of being told “Sorry our diversity officer (who was the idiot who brought this in) says we can only interview people of non white decent and disabled people” they would actually see who was most suitable for the job based on their ability to do said job and employ accordingly.

      So yes your correct that I shouldn’t get “preferred” treatment!

      Weird system we live under eh ?

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